How your nose can help you feel your emotions

As any decent Harry Potter Fan out there would know, Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in existence. It causes infatuation and obsession for the drinker and the fragrance is different for everyone.

When Hermione inhales the spiralling steam, it makes her think of fresh cut grass, new parchment, and Ron Weasley's hair. All things that make her feel happy.

Yes we know it’s just a movie but it’s scientific fact that smells can invoke your memories and emotions.

The nose and brain are very closely linked. The part of the brain that processes smells is called the olfactory bulb which then sends messages to other parts of the brain including the parts relating to emotion and memory through the limbic system.

Smell those memories

👃 When you smell something your grandmother used to cook, you might be transported back to your childhood. 

👃 If you get a whiff of tequila, you might be reminded of that last time you drank tequila. Which isn’t always a good thing! 

👃 If you walk past a block of student accommodation and you smell that vaguely familiar earthy, woody, herby smell, you might remember, erm well some memories probably should be kept private. 

Certain smells can also trigger certain emotions. They can be personal if there is a memory connected. The smell of your mother’s perfume will make you think of her, can also make you sad if she is no longer around, but happy when the good memories swirl around in your head.

Scents can make you feel

Other scents can just give an overall feeling.

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🍬 Vanilla smells can make you feel happy and relaxed. Our Vanilla melts can help you relax after a hard day at work.

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Just Glow With It and see what memories your nose can give you.